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Based in Barcelona,​​in the neighborhood of the ancient village of Grace in 1954. Dedicated to collecting trade in their different specialties:stamps, coins, bank notes, minerals, fossils, corals, shells, etc..

We have a wide assortment of stamps from Spain, former colonies and foreign countries. Subscription to news from Spain, foreign countries and thematic stamps. Banknotes and coins. Large selection of minerals and fossils. Evaluation and appraisal of collections of stamps, banknotes, coins, minerals and fossils. Free service. Do not sell without consulting us.

Shop locatedat Luis Antunez Street, No. 5 to 15meters fromthe main street of Grace(Grande Gracia), which will be attended by trained personnel.

58 years at your service.


Dir: Luis Antunez nº5 Tda. 08006 Barcelona - Tlf: 93 217 63 48 / 93 217 75 40 - Fax: 93 218 28 73 - -IndianWebs